work together.

For the past 20 years, I’ve been investigating what makes us struggle to communicate and through a combination of training and coaching, including learnings from 35 years as a working actress, I share a radical way to improve how you communicate personally and at work, including those who feel particularly anxious

foundation courses

Group training in a safe space to gain the foundation skills required for sharing confident, compelling stories.


Personal guidance and support to identify and overcome obstacles that will transform you into a natural, engaging, compelling speaker.


Drop in ‘safe space’ sessions to perfect and maintain the foundation skills you’ve learned on our courses.

anxious about SPEAKING?

Sharing who we really are can trigger emotions on a sliding scale, from deeply anxious to supremely confident. For some, unveiling our true self can result in a paralysis of fear and anxiety, meaning we hold ourselves back from expressing our true selves and reaching our dreams.

Being asked to speak in a presentation at work, in an interview, at a wedding speech, or just LIFE can trigger terrifying emotions and tongue-bound scenarios.

I am particularly drawn to work with people who find themselves in this scenario and would love to help you find your confidence through 121 coaching or my foundation courses.